DKT-200 2-Knife Trimmer

  • DKT-200 2-Knife Trimmer

    Bookletmakers & Saddle Stitchers

  • DKT-200-2-Knife-Trimmer


With a compact footprint of 36″ x 32″, the DKT-200 offers a simple straight paper path that is gentle on easily-scratched, digitally-printed materials. Available for Duplo collating and sheet feeding systems connected with the DBM-500 Pro Bookletmaker or DBMS Saddle Stitcher, the DKT-200 adds three-side trimming capabilities, enabling operators to cut the head and foot of booklets for a full-bleed finish. The unit can process up to 4,500 books per hour and up to 9,000 books per hour when processing 2-up applications using the optional gutter cutter. Full-bleed jobs can now be transferred directly from the press to the bookletmaker or saddle stitcher without the need to trim the sheets on a guillotine before or after.

Key Features
    • Small footprint
    • Trims the head and foot at up to 4,500 booklets per hour
    • Optional gutter cutter processes 2-up applications up to 9,000 booklets per hour

    • Configurable with the DBMi Saddle System, 500i Booklet System, 500C Booklet System, 500Pro Digital Booklet System, and the 500 Digital Booklet System
Booklet Size 4.72” x 2.95” to 14.02” x 10”
When gutter cutter option is used:
7.87″ x 2.95” to 14.02” x 10” (gutter)
Finished Size 4.72” x 2.95” to 13.9” x 10”
When gutter cutter option is used:
3.54″ x 2.95” to 6.85” x 10”
Trimming Width 0.04-1.18”
Gutter: 0.24”
Trimming Thickness Within 5mm (no gutter), fine 81.4 gsm,
22 lb. 50 sheets
Speed Up to 9,000 sets/hour with gutter cutter
Up to 4,500 sets/hour