DCR-ST Cross Stacker

  • DCR-ST Cross Stacker

    Bookletmakers & Saddle Stitchers

  • DCR-ST-Cross-Stacker


Suitable for higher volume stacking jobs, the DCR-ST can cross or straight stack up to 7.87″. The DCR-ST can only be used for collating and stacking applications. It can be configured with the DBM-S, DBM-500 Pro, DBM-500, and DBM-350 Bookletmakers but will require the DCR-BP Bypass Bridge.

Key Features
    • Can be used with the DSC-10/60i, DC-10/60 Pro or DSC-10/20 Collator
    • Ideal for cross or straight stacking jobs

    • Processes up to 4,000 sets per hour
Paper Size
Tray L 8.46″ x 12.6″ to 13.98″ x 17.72″
Tray S 8.27″ x 12.8″ to 5.83″ x 9.84″
Stack Height
Tray L 3.94″
Tray S 7.87″
Tray L Up to 3,000 sets per hour 11″ x 17″
Tray S Up to 4,000 sets per hour 8.5″ x 11″