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The DBMi Saddle System is Duplo’s heavy-duty, high volume collator and saddle stitcher and the first in its class to deliver the increasingly popular, letter landscape booklet. Designed to handle both traditional offset work as well as shorter-run digital jobs with equal ease and efficiency, the fully automated DBMi combines PC-based programming and intelligent feeding with scoring and folding technology of the highest quality to produce thicker, flatter booklets up to 4,500 booklets an hour.

What’s more, its modular design enables users to add three-knife trimming capabilities with the optional DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer and gutter cutter, which can also process 2- up applications, boosting its production up to 9,000 booklets an hour! Whatever your book production requirements are, the DBMi Saddle System delivers the automation and precision needed, on demand.

Key Features
    • Heavy-duty saddle stitcher produces thicker, flatter books
    • First in its class to create letter landscape booklets
    • Handles sheets up to 14″ wide and 24″ long
    • 60-second changeovers with PC Controller

    • Standard Intelligent Multi-bin Feeding (IMBF) for custom feed jobs
    • Optional three-knife trimming capabilities – processes 2-up applications up to 9,000 books an hour
Paper Size (WxL) 4.72” x 8.27” up to 14.01” x 24.01”
Finished Size No Trim (WxL) 4.72” x 4.14” up to 14.01” x 12”
Finished Size With Trim (WxL) 4.72” x 2.95” up to 13.78” x 11.96”
Speed Up to 4,500 sets per hour
Paper Capacity Up to 30 sheets (120-page book)
Number of Stitches 2 standard, 3 or 4 optional
Job Memories Unlimited (determined by hard drive capacity)