500Pro Digital Booklet System

  • 500Pro Digital Booklet System

    Bookletmakers & Saddle Stitchers

  • 500Pro-Digital-Booklet-System


The Duplo 500Pro Digital Booklet System connects the DSF-5000 Sheet Feeder with the DBM- 500 Pro Bookletmaker. Designed for customers with higher production demands, the DSF- 5000 Sheet Feeder offers a high stacking capacity of 24″ for maximum productivity and an increased flexibility with paper sizes. The system can process pre-collated digital or offset documents from multiple printers up to 400 sheets per minute.

Duplo’s proven belt suction feed system combined with its paper separation system provides consistent, dependable feeding. Its dual double feed detection system with optical and ultrasonic sensors ensures each sheet is fed with accuracy while the anti-static device further improves reliability.

With the DBM-500 Pro Bookletmaker, jobs can be saddle, side or corner-stitched and the automatic set up feature allows users to go from 14″ x 20″ to CD-size book jobs without any manual adjustments. The 500Pro Digital Booklet System produces up to 5,000 booklets per hour.

Key Features
    • High volume sheet feeding and bookletmaking
    • Feeds up to 400 sheets per minute
    • 24″ high capacity stacker
    • Standard anti-static kit and end mark reader

    • Optional DSF-CF Cover Feeder and barcode reader
    • Optional SCC unit for in-line slitting, cutting and creasing or the DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer for three-knife trimming capabilities can also be added
DSC-15000 Sheet Feeder
Maximum Loading Capacity 24.02″
Paper Size (WxL) 4.75″ x 14.25″ up to 8.5″ x 20.5″
Paper Weight Up to 300 gsm
Processing Speed Up to 400 sheets per minute
DBM-500 Pro Bookletmaker
Sheet Size (Saddle Stitch & Fold) Up to 5,000 sets per hour
Paper Capacity Up to 30 sheets
Speed Up to 25 sheets
Number of Stitching Heads Up to 5,000 sets per hour
Stitch Position 2 standard, 4 optional; Hohner 43/6S
Programmable Memories Saddle, corner, side, none (fold only)
Memory Settings 12