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The 500i Booklet System is Duplo’s high production collating and bookletmaking system. Integrating the DSC-10/60i Suction Collator with the DBM-500 Pro Bookletmaker, the Duplo 500i Booklet System produces saddle, side, or corner-stitched applications at a production rate of up to 5,000 booklets per hour.

Ideal for both offset and digitally printed applications, the 500i Booklet System offers enhanced features for optimum efficiency and productivity. And by adding the optional 4-stitch head kit along with the DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer and gutter cutter, users can produce booklets with a full-bleed finish and process 2-up applications, increasing production up to 9,000 booklets per hour!

Key Features
    • PC Controller for 60-second changeovers
    • Intelligent multi-bin feeding with IMBF software
    • Will be configurable with up to 6 towers for a total of 60 bins
    • Produces saddle, side, or corner stitched booklets
    • Creates small booklets

    • Optional three-knife trimming capabilities and 2-up processing with the DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer
    • Optional stacker for collating and stacking
DSC-10/60i Collator
Number of Bins 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 (10 bins per tower)
Paper Size (WxL) 4.1” x 5.8” up to 14” x 24” (Width of paper must be within 7.88”-9.05”
Paper Weight Fine quality paper: 52-157 gsm (Cover: 52-300 gsm)
Bin Capacity 2.6”
Speed Bookletmaking up to 5,000 sets per hour
DBM-500 Pro Bookletmaker
Bookletmaking Up to 5,000 sets per hour
Corner/Side/Top Stitching Up to 30 sheets
Signature Bookletmaking Up to 25 sheets
Speed Up to 5,000 sets per hour
Number of Stitches 2 standard, 4 optional; Hohner 43/6S
Stitch Positions Saddle, corner, side, none (fold only)
Memory Settings 12