150 Digital Booklet System

  • 150 Digital Booklet System

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The 150 Digital Booklet System is Duplo’s entry-level sheet feeding system connecting the DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder with the DBM-150 Bookletmaker equipped with the DBM-150SxS Kit. The DSF-2200 comes loaded with a number of high-end features including Duplo’s own belt suction feed system, front and side air separation, an anti-static device and ultrasonic double feed detection for enhanced feed reliability. It feeds up to 200 sheets per minute and offers a variety of options including a trail edge air kit, pre-loading kit, and 1D & 2D barcode readers.

Featuring the Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge, the DBM-150 Bookletmaker produces a high quality, flat staple every time. Each cartridge holds 5,000 staples and wear parts are replaced each time the cartridge is changed out, providing a high level of reliability. The DBM- 150 Bookletmaker can be operated via the control panel where up to 16 jobs can be saved in memory or via a PC using the optional PC Controller.

Compact in size yet built-in with high performance features, the 150 Digital Booklet System produces superior corner, side or saddle-stapled applications up to 1,720 booklets per hour.

Key Features
    • Suitable for short volume demands
    • Accepts output from multiple printers
    • Converts pre-collated sets into finished booklets
    • Belt suction feeding with front and side air separation
    • Built-in ultrasonic double feed detection and anti-static device
    • Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge

    • 16-job memory
    • Optional PC Controller
DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder
Number of Bins 2
Paper Loading Capacity Tray A; 2.56″
Tray B: 7.87″
Paper Size (WxL) 4.13″ x 14.02″ up to 7.87″ x 20″ (24″ length with extension tray kit)
Processing Speed Up to 200 sheets per minute
DBM-150 Pro Bookletmaker
Speed Up to 1,720 sets per hour
Number of Stitching Heads 2
Programmable Memories 16